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Eletron dosing pump

Etatron Dosing Pump

our new range DOSING PUMPS engineered and manufactured in the state of the art factory in Italy, Europe.

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Our manufacturing facility provides for each aspect of manufacturing, assembly, and testing for our entire product range, each unit is subjected to vigorous test procedures and is supplied with an accessory kit and operation and maintenance manual with standard specifications.



Serial Type  Series Features
A Solenoid Driven AQ-P
  • Flow Rate from 0.25 to 80 l/h
  • Working Pressure up to 20 bar
  • Anti-acid plastic casing or die-cast aluminum casing
  • Foot or Wall Mounting Design
  • Analogical and Microcontroller based Pumps
  • Pumps with integrated measures control for pH, mV, Free Chlorine, and Conductivity
  • Multifunction pumps
  • Flow Alarm
  • Manual Stroke Length adjustment
  • Proportional function to external mA signal
  • Solar Panel dosing systems
B Motor Driven AQ-S
  • Piston Pumps
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Flow Rate up to 7000 l/h
  • Working Pressure up to 280 bar
  • Manual stroke length adjustment
  • Motor with an integral inverter to accept 4/20 mA signal
  • 4/20 mA Servo motor
  • Pressure relief and safety valves
  • Pulsation dampeners


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