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Danfoss 1700 Piston Pump (44.9-196.4 gpm)

Type: APP 43 / 1700
Integrated Flushing Valve: Yes
Flow at Maximum Speed: 743.3 l/min
Minimum Speed: 700 rpm
Maximum Speed: 1700 rpm
Maximum Pressure: 70 Bar
Ports / Connections (In, Out): M60 x1.5, M60 x 1.5
Housing Material: Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel.


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Product Description:

Discover the exceptional performance of Danfoss APP 21-43 pumps, meticulously engineered to deliver a high-pressure supply of low-viscosity and corrosive fluids. Specifically designed for demanding applications such as seawater reverse osmosis filtration and high-pressure salt water pumping, these pumps embody reliability, efficiency, and a compact design.


  1. Axial Piston Principle: Based on the axial piston principle, these pumps boast a lightweight and compact design, ensuring optimal performance in supplying low viscosity and corrosive fluids under high pressure.
  2. Self-Lubricating Design: The pumps are ingeniously designed for self-lubrication, eliminating the need for external oil lubrication. This feature enhances efficiency and reduces maintenance requirements.
  3. Integrated Flushing Valve: Equipped with an integrated flushing valve, the pumps facilitate the flow of salt water from the inlet to the outlet when the pump is not operational. This design feature enhances longevity and ease of use.
  4. Long Service Life: All components within the pumps are meticulously crafted to ensure a prolonged service life, maintaining consistently high efficiency with minimal service requirements over time.
  5. Fixed Displacement Design: These pumps are fixed displacement, meaning the flow is directly proportional to the number of revolutions of the input shaft and the pump displacement, ensuring precise control and consistent performance.


  1. Versatile Application: Ideal for seawater reverse osmosis filtration and high-pressure salt water pumping, these pumps are versatile and reliable in demanding fluid-handling environments.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: The axial piston design results in a compact and lightweight form factor, making the Danfoss APP 21-43 pumps easy to install and suitable for space-constrained applications.
  3. Maintenance Efficiency: With a self-lubricating design and integrated flushing valve, these pumps minimize maintenance requirements, providing continuous and reliable operation with less downtime.
  4. High Pressure and Flow: Enjoy a flow capacity ranging from 10.2 to 44.6 m3/h (44.9-196.4 GPM) and a pressure range of 30-80 barg (435-1160 psig), ensuring the pumps meet the demands of high-pressure fluid systems.

How to Use:

  1. Installation: Install the Danfoss APP 21-43 pump in your fluid handling system, ensuring proper alignment and secure connections.
  2. Input Shaft Operation: The flow of the pump is directly linked to the number of revolutions of the input shaft. Adjust the input shaft to control the flow according to your specific requirements.
  3. Flushing Valve Utilization: Benefit from the integrated flushing valve, allowing salt water to flow through the pump from the inlet to the outlet when the pump is not in operation. This feature enhances longevity and ensures optimal performance.
  4. Regular Monitoring: While designed for minimal maintenance, periodically monitor the pump’s performance and condition to ensure continuous efficiency and address any potential issues promptly.



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