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Danfoss APP 6.5 Piston Pump (8.4 –44.9 gpm)

Type: APP 6.5
Integrated Flushing Valve: No
Flow at 1800 rpm: 106.7 l/min
Minimum Speed: 700 rpm
Maximum Speed: 1800 rpm
Maximum Pressure: 80 Bar
Ports / Connections (In, Out): M42 x1.5, M42 x 1.5
Housing Material: Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel


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Introducing the Danfoss APP series pumps, including the APP 5.1, APP 6.5, APP 7.2, APP 8.2, and APP 10.2, meticulously designed to deliver a reliable supply of low viscosity and corrosive fluids under high pressure. Tailored for applications such as seawater reverse osmosis filtration and high-pressure saltwater pumping, these pumps embody cutting-edge technology for optimal performance.

Key Features:

  1. Axial Piston Principle: The Ultratec APP pumps leverage the axial piston principle, ensuring a lightweight and compact design that excels in delivering low viscosity and corrosive fluids under high pressure.
  2. Self-Lubrication Design: These pumps are ingeniously designed for self-lubrication, eliminating the need for external oil lubrication. The fluid itself provides lubrication for the moving parts, reducing maintenance requirements.
  3. Long Service Life: Every component within the APP pumps is meticulously engineered to provide an extended service life, ensuring consistently high efficiency with minimal service needs over time.
  4. Fixed Displacement Technology: Operating as fixed displacement pumps, the flow is directly proportional to the number of revolutions of the input shaft and the pump displacement, regardless of any counter-pressure.

Details on APP 5.1 – 10.2:

  • Flow Range: 1.9 – 10.2 m3/h (8.4 – 44.9 Gpm)
  • Pressure Range: 20 – 80 barg (290 – 1160 psig)


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WF-8413 5061


DANFOSS (Made in Denmark)

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( EU )


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