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From a small village of “Chakkar kot” on Hangu road, Kohat city, KPK, Pakistan.
A young engineer established a Water Treatment company to combat waterborne
diseases in the area.
In 1999 he established his first office of water treatment in the city of Kohat on a
very small scale. He started the awareness campaign against waterborne diseases by
using local mosques, schools and colleges to help his community on the local level.
It was not an easy journey to begin with. People use to laugh and crack jokes on
his self proclaimed strive against waterborne diseases in the area, some of them advised
him to persuit his engineering career instead of becoming a philanthropist.
Those who used to laugh and advise now have become and admirer.
After 20 long and patient years Ultratec have become leader in the field of water
treatment and turned in to a highly reputable company offering water treatment solutions
through innovation in 18 countries, 3 continents around the globe and takes pride to
have a list of more than 5000 satisfied industrial, commercial and domestic customers.



UltraTec® is one of the leading company providing water treatment solutions. Our aim is
to provide cost effective water solutions to our customers. As a popular Water Treatment
Company having decades of excellent products and services with vast experience in
Water Treatment Industry.
We feel immense pleasure in informing you that we have more than 5000 satisfied
customers and been successfully providing our best quality products and services to the
distinguished organizations located all over the world. Besides, provision of best quality
products and services to high profile corporate sector, organizations, Military institutions,
Oil & Gas Industry, Educational institutions, Food & Beverages, Processing & Manufacturing industry, Marine industry , Health care, Airlines , Agriculture industry , Hotels and
Restaurants etc

Why Choose Us ?

UltraTec® is proud of the quality reputation we have earned since the start of our business with our professional and ethical approaches to our clients. Here we would like to share with you why so many industrial and commercial clients have chosen and continue to choose Ultra Tec for all their water treatment requirements.

A Toll-Free number 800 ULTRA
An ISO 9001-2015 certified company
Dubai Chamber of Commerce certified TRUSTED MEMBER
24/7 Help line to manage technical complaints
You can visit our Office , Ware House , in house production facility
Qualified Engineers
Free Consultancy

Free Technical proposals Quotations
Exclusive warranty Offers Money back guarantees
After sales Service
High level of customer care Gives personal care attention
Insists on Testing first
Provide cost effective solutions and quantified cost savings
Answers your questions

No sales scams
No high-pressure salespersons
Free Water Test
Provides precise, quantitative test results explains results to you
Offers problem-specific products not just “all-purpose” products
Has Lots of great customer testimonials

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