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industrial water softener

Water Softening

Industrial Water Softeners remove hardness ions from water through ion exchange, which exchanges hardness ions for more harmless ions, such as salt.Hard water is water that has calcium and/or magnesium salts dissolved in it. The degree of hardness is directly related to the concentration of these salts. Hard water consumes soap and adversely affects washing and cleaning operations in the home and throughout industry. Hard water salts form scale in pipe lines, boilers, heat ex changers, hot water heaters, water chillers & UV shells.


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Water softening is a process that is used to remove minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from hard water. Hard water is water that contains high levels of these minerals, which can cause scale buildup in pipes, water heaters, and other water-using appliances. It can also make soap and detergents less effective, and can leave a residue on dishes, clothing, and other items after washing. Water softening is achieved through a process called ion exchange, which involves replacing the hard minerals with softer ones, such as sodium or potassium. There are several methods of water softening, including the use of water softener systems, which use a tank filled with ion exchange resin to remove the hard minerals, and the use of water softening chemicals, which can be added directly to the water to soften it. Water softening is an effective way to improve the quality of household water and protect pipes and appliances from scale buildup.

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Water softeners contain a resin that removes the magnesium and calcium deposits that cause water to be hard. Periodically the resin needs to be regenerated by flushing with salt water. This is done automatically, all you have to do is add inexpensive tablet salt once a month. The salt does not enter the water supply, of course. It is simply flushed away by the softener automatically once it has finished its job of regenerating the resin. Softener systems outfitted with Automatic Controllers and Progressive Flow technology contribute to initial cost savings and long-


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