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Inline Digital TDS Meter

Inline Digital TDS Meter

Now Check instantly your water purifier water Quality at your own with most reliable inline HM Digital TDS meter


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An inline digital TDS meter is a type of device used to measure water’s total dissolved solids (TDS) content. TDS measures the amount of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, in water.

Inline TDS meters are designed to be installed directly in a water line, allowing the user to continuously monitor the TDS of the water as it flows through the pipe. They typically consist of a sensor placed in the water stream, a digital display that shows the TDS reading, and a housing that holds the sensor and displays together.

Inline digital TDS meters are widely used in various applications, including water treatment, laboratory, and industrial settings, to monitor and control water quality. They are known for their accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

Product Description:


The meter is equipped with electrode probes for both inlet and outlet, displaying the feed and product water TDS levels. The factory is calibrated, highly efficient, and accurate (±2%) due to its advanced microprocessor technology Dual Range – Measures from 0 – 999ppm, with a resolution of 1ppm.

From 1,000 to 9,990ppm, the resolution is in 10ppm increments, indicated by a blinking x10 image. The device features a water-resistant casing and an extra-large, easy-to-read LCD. It comes equipped with 1/4 inch John Guest Quick-Connect T-fittings, as shown. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included) with a battery life of over 1,000 hours of continuous use Size: 11.6 x 6.8 x1.8 cm

Where can I get tds meters of ultra tec?

You can purchase an UltraTec TDS meter from various online retailers such as Amazon and UltraTec’s official website. You may also find UltraTec TDS meters at local hardware, home improvement stores, or speciality water treatment stores. 

It’s always a good idea to compare prices and read reviews from other customers before purchasing to ensure you get a quality product at a fair price.


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