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Shower Filter

The best quality anti-hair fall / anti-dandruff shower filters.
The anti-hair loss shower filter reduces hair loss, and makes hair stronger, shiny and silky.

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This high-performance shower and bath filter includes magnetic wave technology creating a softer, more energized shower feel and improving both lathering and suds. Its unique multi-filtration provides the best shower experience.

The shower filter provides effective treatment to remove up to 99% of Chlorine, Dirt, Lead, Iron oxide, and Hydrogen Sulfide odors and resist bacterial growth. For healthier skin and hair this shower filter removes the unhealthy chlorine that causes skin irritation and hair problems.

Softer Hair and Smoother Skin
Unfiltered shower and bath water can double exposure to carcinogenic chlorine by absorption through the skin and inhalation of chlorine vapors. We selected these shower filters for their ability to remove chlorine. You’ll notice softer hair and smoother skin. Chlorine-free water supports you in preventing brittle hair, dry skin, and dandruff. Health and beauty begin right in your shower and bath.

The Facts
Chlorine is a gas that is held in water by water pressure within our pipes. It vaporizes in hot shower water and, when inhaled in the lungs, is transferred into the bloodstream. Scientific studies have linked high exposure to chlorinated water to potentially harmful by-products that can, over time, contribute to a range of health-threatening conditions. Shower Filters can help reduce these risks, turning your bathroom from a gas chamber to a health spa.

Shower Filter cartridge (included!)
Life: 45,000 liters equal to approximately 900 showers or 450 baths.
Max temp: 80 C
Active components: NSF-approved KDF, Calcium Sulfite, Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet, Activated Ceramic Balls, Carbon, High Flow Sediment Filtration.

The filter installs in minutes, easily attaching to the wall or your tap or shower head. The shower Filter cartridge is easy to replace; installation and filter cartridge replacement instructions are included.

Using it is simple! Once the filter is installed, all your shower and bath water will be filtered.

Stop Chlorine and other dangerous substances from entering your body through your skin and lungs! When you have a nice hot shower or bath, chlorine turns into a gas form which easily penetrates the body. “A 10-minute shower is equal to drinking up to 2 liters of water.” to read more information about shower filters read our blog.

• Self Sealing 1/2″ / 12.5 mm Threads
• High Strength Housing
• Cartridge Life: 6 months/45,000 liters
• Easy Installation
• Will not dent, rust, or corrode
• Dimensions: 13 cm Length x 6cm Diameter



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