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Seagull IV X 1F Purifier

Seagull IV X-1F is give one gallon per minute under sink purifier with a dedicated chrome finish faucet. It is recommended for residential use.


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The Seagull IV X 1F purifier is a type of water purification system that is designed for use on boats, yachts, and other marine vessels. It uses a combination of mechanical filtration, chemical treatment, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection to remove contaminants from seawater and produce safe drinking water. The Seagull IV X 1F purifier is equipped with a high-capacity mechanical filter to remove particulates and debris from the water, as well as a chemical treatment system to remove dissolved contaminants, such as metals and organic compounds. It also uses UV disinfection to kill bacteria and viruses, making the water safe to drink. The Seagull IV X 1F purifier is available in a range of flow rates and is designed for use with seawater, brackish water, and other types of non-potable water. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to install, making it a popular choice for use on marine vessels.


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