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faucet facial shower filter

Facial Filter & Faucet Filter

Faucet Water Purifier highly efficiently removes rust and residual chlorine. It is a Cleanable filter cartridge without recontamination. Removes: Rusts Contaminants. Worms Residual chlorine. Algae Disinfection


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A facial filter is a type of software or app that can be used to modify or enhance the appearance of a person’s face in a photograph or video. These can include adding makeup, changing the color of the skin or eyes, or adding other decorative elements like stickers or overlays. Facial filters are often used for fun or entertainment, but they can even be used for more practical purposes, such as improving a photo’s lighting or color balance.

A faucet filter is a device that filters the water from a faucet. These filters can be used to remove impurities, contaminants, or other substances from the water to improve its taste or quality. Faucet filters are typically installed on the end of the faucet and use cartridges or other filters to remove unwanted substances from the water. Some faucet filters are designed to filter out specific contaminants, while others are more general-purpose and can remove a wide range of substances.

Product Description:

Faucet Water Purifier highly efficiently removes rust and residual Chlorine. Changes filtrated water and tap water flexible. Nano-KDF inhibits the growth of bacteria. This Faucet Filter has a Spinning feed water design. Faucet Filter Purifier with cleanable filter cartridge, without recontamination. It Removes Rusts Contaminants. Worms Residual chlorine. Algae Disinfection by-products. Parasites Heavy metal ions. Dirt Organic pollutants. The dust has an Unpleasant taste. Giardia Cryptosporidium 99.99%.


  • Efficient and easy to install
  • Replaceable cartridge F-809C
  • Magnet waved & Chlorine free
  • Tap adapter included


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