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bw4040 2400 gpd ro membrane

400 GPD Dow Filmtec RO Membrane

tw30-3012-500 Dow filmtec membranes/ Up to 500 gpd ro system membrane


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Test Conditions:

1. The above data is based on the following test conditions: 250ppm purified water, 25℃(77℉) temperature, pH 7.0, and the specified applied pressure.
2. Minimum salt rejection for individual elements is 96%.
3. Permeate flow rate for individual elements may vary +/-20%.

tw30-3012-500 filmtec membranes/500 gpd ro system/ro system membrane

DOW FILMTEC™ Tap Water Reverse Osmosis Elements feature advanced membrane technology and offer outstanding reliability and consistency. Our automated fabrication process allows precise production of every element to tight, pre-defined specifications, helping customers develop and maintain brand recognition along with a reputation for building systems that reliably provide low-impurity drinking water.


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