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Whole House RO


At Ultra Tec Water Systems, we use the very best equipment and parts in the industry. Our Reverse Osmosis systems do not use chlorination or water softeners for pre-treating the source water.

Our design is a mechanical design, not a chemical design, therefore, should there be a failure within Ultra Tec Water Systems, it is simpler to replace a part than to adjust chemicals until consistent results are achieved. Knowing that moving parts may eventually fail and have to be replaced, we designed our RO system to be quickly and conveniently repaired with part replacement.


Ultra Tec Water Systems provides all of its customers with a six-month system service which drastically reduces ill-timed and unwanted repairs. During the service call we will also deliver the replacement filters and Anti-Scalent


Our Reverse Osmosis systems are built around the most powerful RO membranes in the industry. Our RO system can handle source water that has up to 5000 TDS, (Total Dissolved Solids).

Ultra Tec Water Systems can produce up to 2400 gallons per day of actual RO water per membrane installed.

Unfortunately, many companies are selling what they purport to be “Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems” when in fact, they are not complete, are under-designed, and poorly engineered with diaphragm or rotary vane pumps. A whole-house RO system needs to be robust enough to handle the heaviest usage which is typically early in the morning or later in the evening. A rotary vane or diaphragm pump is not a robust design. In fact, it is a very problematic way of delivering water day-in and day-out. If any company sells a rotary vane or diaphragm pump and purports that it is a “Whole House RO System” they are doing a gross disservice to you and the water industry. It is our belief that a whole house reverse osmosis system should include a stainless steel centrifugal pump and all Ultra Tec Systems Defender RO systems use Goulds Multi-stage stainless steel centrifugal pumps. They are built to last under even the heaviest usage for 15 to 20 years.

Even the most expensive and highest quality reverse osmosis systems will not work well or operate for very long without proper pretreatment. On city water, this usually means removing the chlorine and chloramine as well as preventing scaling of the membranes with either a water softener or an anti-scalant. We prefer an anti-scalant system because it’s more economical and you don’t have to mess with heavy salt bags. On well water, it can mean removing iron, sulfur, and manganese as well.

Our tanks are NSF Certified and BPA Free, but most importantly, you will find that the walls are much thicker and robust than any other tank. That’s why they have a LIFETIME WARRANTY – no one else even comes close. Most tanks are not nearly the quality of our reverse osmosis tanks.

We use a Grundfos MQ3 which is the Gold Standard when it comes to a robust all-in-one pressure booster system. The water volume and pressure it delivers (up to 20 gpm) is generally a dramatic improvement over your regular city pressure. This is a trouble-free proven design and does not require a pressure tank.

In theory, a whole house reverse osmosis system will remove bacteria, however even if it did, there can be heterotrophic and airborne bacteria that can be found in the storage tank. An Ultraviolet (UV) Light kills coliform, e-coli, heterotrophic, and airborne bacteria with ease. A true whole house reverse osmosis system will always include UV Disinfection.

At Ultra Tec Systems, our Whole House Defender Reverse Osmosis Systems are easy to install, simple to maintain, and built to last. These systems are American Made and are commercial grade so that they last for 15 to 20 years unlike some of the cheap imports. Our systems have an extended warranty on all the parts (not including “consumables”) because they operate with less energy and lower pressures than our competitors. Most importantly, they are built to last with true commercial centrifugal pumps, unlike many competitors who use diaphragm or rotary-vane pumps. Those type of pumps are intended for “light duty” usage, not the rigors of a whole-house water processing system.


Next SandFilter
  • Filter Particle Larger than 5 Micron
  • New Wells & Sediment in Source Water
BIO-Next SandFilter
  • Help Disinfect Bacterial, Algae Water
  • Surface Water, Large Bore Wells
Carbon Filter
  • To De-Chlorinate
  • Municipal Water, Chlorinated Water
Ultra Filtration
  • To Prevent RO from Collidal Solids
  • Surface Water, Large Bore Wells
Hydrogen Peroxide Metered Injection
  • Hydrogen Sulfide, Trouble water
  • Surface Water, Large Bore Wells


2400gpd Output
  • Single Membrane
  • Upgradeable to 4800gpd
4800gpd Upgrade Kit
  • Extra Membrane Kit Doubles 2400gpd
  • Capacity to 4800gpd
7800gpd Output
  • Triple Membrane
  • Upgradeable to 9600gpd
9600gpd Upgrade Kit
  • Extra Membrane Kit Increases 7200 gpd
  • Capacity to 9600gpd


10gpm Grundfos Constant Pressure Variable Speed Pump
  • Single Home Application
15 gpm Grundfos Constant Pressure Variable Speed Pump
  • Multiple Home Application
1000L (225gal) Storage Tank
  • Standard Storage
Custom Water Tank Storage
  • Many Sizes Available


Triple With UV
  • Polish RO Water for 2 Carbon Blocks & Sediment Filter
  • Disinfects with UV Light
Extra Triplex With UV
  • Use for Multiple Homes
Ph Correction
  • Adjusts Ph of RO Water

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1500 GPD upto 2000 GPD RO System

RO systems are powerful systems that are capable of taking out large amounts of salt, minerals, and other contaminants from water sources such as wells, rivers, and lakes. To master this mission, the systems take use of a popular technology known as “reverse osmosis”. Reverse osmosis is ordered with the reversal of a natural process known as “osmosis”. Osmosis is ordered by nature to transport salt through a semi-permeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of higher solute concentration in order to gain an even amount of solute concentration on both sides of the membrane. Reverse osmosis combats osmosis via a pressure pump that exerts high pressure on the highly concentrated side of the semi-permeable membrane, moving only water molecules through the small pores of the membrane while salts, organics, and other contaminants are denied passage.

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3000 upto 4000 GPD RO System

A commercial Reverse Osmosis system was supplied to a major company in GCC and African Countries. From its initial start-up, the machine has been working properly with minimal troubleshooting. A quality reverse osmosis machine is designed to deliver high-quality service by removing massive amounts of salt and other impurities from wells, lakes, rivers, and the ocean through a process called ‘reverse osmosis”.

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Whole House Water Sterilizer

Whole House Water Sterilizer

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