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Commercial water softener

Commercial and Industrial Water Softeners remove harsh calcium, magnesium, reduce iron and manganese ions from your water supply line. Should be used on 1″ water lines and up to 14 GPM flow. Designed with top performance and ease of maintenance in mind and can be used for commercial and industrial applications where a high-performance calcium / hardness reduction system is desired.

Looking to remove Iron? Water softeners can do it, but there’s a better system, try Commercial Iron Removal System.

A wide variety of businesses, retail establishments, and schools use a commercial softener and filter system. Other types of commercial and industrial businesses that can benefit from water softener for the treatment of hard water systems include:

  • Health Clubs and Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments & Nursing Homes
  • Factories, Office Buildings, & Shopping Centers
  • Car Washes & Laundries/Dry Cleaning Services
  • Hotels/Motels

In many industrial and commercial water softening treatment applications the water and or wastewater will need a commercial Reverse Osmosis for Pre-Treatment. Depending on your specific application and water quality being treated there are numerous other water filtration methods that might need to be deployed.

US Water Commercial Water Softeners use premium ion-exchange resin to remove calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese ions from your water supply. In the end, you can run your business more effectively using less detergents and cleaners, reducing hard-water build-up and saving equipment from unnecessary wear. A wide variety of businesses, retail establishments and schools use commercial softeners and filters. Businesses that can benefit from water treatment systems include: Health clubs, Restaurants, Apartments, Hospitals, Office buildings, Car washes, Laundries, Nursing Homes, Shopping centers, Hotels/Motels, Factories, Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment and many others, too numerous to mention.

Here is the HARD TRUTH Water Filters Dubai UAE photodune-4270041-hard-water-problem-deposit-on-a-tap-s-300x199

Hardness, along with other undesirable minerals in water, cost businesses millions of dollars annually in plumbing repairs, energy consumption, premature replacement of equipment, fixtures and linens.

With UltraTec commercial water softeners, you’ll save on energy, equipment, plumbing repairs and general maintenance. You can extend the life of equipment, fixtures and linens, while saving on chemicals and detergents, not to mention added benefits of cleaner glassware, softer towels and better tasting beverages.

If you are looking for a premium quality commercial water softener, one that is built to last and backed with the best warranty in the business, YOU HAVE FOUND IT! Getting a water softener from UltraTec is dramatically different than getting one from a low-budget internet guy who works out of his garage. Here’s why:

We use only the highest quality parts, tanks, distributors and resin, backing our systems with the best warranty in the business. There are many ways to make a water softener cheaper, but we refuse to cut corners! We also offer technical support and installation help from Certified Water Specialists.

You too can reduce your business’ operational costs by reducing hard water scale, which protects the plumbing system, fixtures and equipment from unnecessary wear and, therefore, from premature maintenance/replacement. Virtually all commercial, industrial or institutional buildings can benefit from water softening systems, including schools, health clubs, restaurants, apartment/condominium buildings, hospitals/medical buildings, office buildings, car washes, laundries, nursing homes, hotels/motels and factories, just to mention a few.