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Rental RO Desalination Plants

It is a unique equipment rental service by Ultra Tec. It helps you achieve key business goals, meet critical water needs, and cope with scarce water and capital resources. We know that your plant downtime, or inability to meet production demands, is not an option.

UltraTec’s cost-effective rental RO Systems Dubai help boost your profits by producing consistent product quality and perfectly operating while optimizing your capital for core business activities during an expansion, plant maintenance, or temporary unforeseen water emergency.

These rental units consist of a reverse osmosis plant with a mechanical filter and softener as pre-treatment. All units are built on the same vital transport skid-mounted or portable containerized and are ready for use. The operation of the compact unit is user-friendly, with control, flow meters, and manometres being operational from the front of the team.

Rent a reverse osmosis desalination plant, available now all over UAE.


✓ Apartments Housing society ( Residence Colonies)
✓ Industrial process water recycling
✓ Corporate houses & industries
✓ Brackish and bore water treatment
✓ Seawater desalination, brine concentration
✓ Agriculture, irrigation, and drought relief
✓ Emergency and disaster response   ✓ Hotels & Hospitals  ✓ Malls & Markets   ✓ School & Collages

Ultra Tec offers various RO rental units, which are available on a customized rental basis:

Containerized RO Desalination Plant

Plug & play system on a rental basis.

Many options are available, depending on the quality and nature of the water source, the quantity of purified water required, the application for pure water, and manual or automatic operation. These options include:

  • Only Filtration: Manual & automatic back-wash filters: Small (1000 litres/day) to very large (millions/day)
  • Filtration and Polishing (Activated Carbon)
  • Flocculation, Filtration, Sterilization, and Polishing
  • Sterilizing, Flocculation, Filtration, Heavy Metal Removing, and Polishing
  • Filtration, Flocculation, Heavy Metal Removing, Sterilizing, Polishing, and Reverse Osmosis Treatment
  • Heavy Metal Removing, Flocculation, Filtration, Sterilizing, Polishing, Reverse Osmosis Treatment, and Mineral Injection
containerized ro plant

Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant

Plug & play system on a rental basis.

These skid-mounted units are designed to treat a range of waters requiring demineralization, including freshwater and brackish waters. The skid-mounted systems have similar technical capabilities as the portable-enclosed systems. The skid-mounted units are great for indoor use as water treatment pilot units or for temporary industrial applications.

RO Plant for Mineral Water Bottling Machines

Portable Sea Water Ro System
plug & play system on a rental basis.

The single-element portable units are suitable for brackish and seawater treatment. Our mobile systems are a smaller capacity than trailer-enclosed and skid-mounted commercial units.

The small size of single-element units makes them highly portable and excellent for screening studies and preliminary testing.

These rental units can be easily used as pilot plants. Ultra Tec can also scale up all its systems to meet client specifications.

Customized Solution

The selection of a plant depends on the application, water quality, and water consumption. Our water experts are at your service to ensure the best-customized solution.


Minimum output capacity: 25,000 US GPD (100 M3/D)

Maximum output capacity: 530,000 US GPD (2000 M3/D)

Benefits of Use

  • Instant deployment to the site
  • Easy & economical to transport
  • All in one arrangement
  • Plug & Play – no place work
  • Energy-efficient – less power consumption
  • High productivity & lower chemical consumption


  • Emergency works
  • Temporary camps
  • Temporary construction sites
  • Offshore rigs, islands
  • Hotel, resort, golf clubs
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